Diamondback Terrapin Rescue


The Skidaway Audubon Diamondback Terrapin Rescue project is the largest endeavor of its kind along the East Coast. 

Chinese Tallow Tree Removal


The Nature Conservancy has designated Chinese Tallowtree as “one of the ten worst alien plant invaders in the U.S.

Bottle Brigade


The Skidaway Audubon Bottle Brigade is a 70-person volunteer force that helps to keep the island litter free. 

Blue Bird Trail

Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis)

  Skidaway Audubon has supported the building of the Dave Scott Bluebird Trail on our golf courses since 1997. There are now 185 bluebird boxes alongside every golf course at The Landings making it the largest monitored trail in the southeast. 

Skidaway Weather Stations and Water Conservation


Skidaway Audubon has taken a leadership role in providing information to residents on water conservation.  See local weather at a Weather station near you

Sparrow Field

Fitz Clarke at Sparrow Field

The Pollinator Berm at Sparrow Field is home to over 100 species of flowering plants that attract nearly 200 documented bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies. In addition, dozens of species of birds congregate to nest in nearby trees and thickets.

Skidaway Farms


Skidaway Farms, our community garden, opened its gates in February 2011. Vegetables, education, a children’s garden, herb plots for the chefs at The Landings Club, beehives and friendships thrive here. Open to all residents of Skidaway Island, there are farmers from Modena and South Harbor communities, as well as The Landings. 

Community Sustainability


The leadership of fourteen groups at The Landings  totaling over 1000 residents worked together on multi-year initiatives to apply for and obtain the Audubon International certification as a Sustainable Community. 

Bat Houses


Bats are great for the environment as they consume their body weight in flying insects every evening. In addition to being good for the environment they are fun to watch as they dart through the sky at dusk in their erratic chase for mosquitoes, moths, Japanese beetles, grasshoppers, ants, flies and other flying bugs and insects. 

Eagles, Owls, and now Ospreys


The Landings Bird Cam (funded by Skidaway Audubon and others) is a 24/7 camera above a nest on Skidaway Island, Savannah, GA.

Monarch Butterfly Trail


Monarchs in the Rough, an Audubon International program to create sustainable habitats, coming soon to Skidaway Audubon

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