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Over the years, the focus of Skidaway Audubon has expanded to encompass a variety of projects from the Owl Cam to the Tallow Terrors to Diamondback Terrapin Rescue and numerous other ventures.  During the course of these projects, the questions we have been asked repeatably are “How do we join Skidaway Audubon?”, “How do we get involved in Skidaway Audubon?”  “How do we support the work of Skidaway Audubon?”

The Friends of Skidaway Audubon program was created in December 2018 to engage the greater community of people on Skidaway Island as participants in the support of Skidaway Audubon.

The mission of the Friends program is to educate and engage our residents in programs designed to conserve and enhance the island’s natural resources.  We will be offering topical programs, family and youth excursions, Nature Nights, newsletters and partnering with other organizations to attract nationally recognized speakers on conservation, sustainability and our natural world.

If you haven’t already, we hope you will take the opportunity and sign up to become a member of the Friends of Skidaway Audubon.  

Every individual leaves a lasting mark on our environment, let’s strive to make that mark as positive as humanly possible!

Educate…Engage…Enhance our world!


Help support the Friends of Skidaway Audubon by becoming a member today

Your tax-deductible contribution to become a FRIEND will go toward creating programs that raise the level of environmental awareness within the community. 

Skidaway Audubon Speaker Series 2020

The Friends of Skidaway Audubon host a variety of speakers throughout the year as part of our mission to Educate…Engage…Enhance our world!

2019 Events

November 7 - Composting with CorCompost

Maria Vaughan from CORCOMPOST spoke with us about the benefits of composting as well as how to have a successful compost project in your backyard. CORCOMPOST is Savannah’s newest food waste alternative, providing a more environmental approach to waste management

October 17 - Seismic Exploration with Oceana

Seismic Exploration along the Georgia coast has attracted national attention in the past few months.    Two speakers;  a former Exxon Executive who has firsthand knowledge of seismic testing, and a spokesperson with the environmental group OCEANA will present FACTS concerning the process and effects of seismic testing.   For more information on this subject visit Oceana

September 10 - Bat Evening with Katrina Morris

Katrina Morris from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources speaks on our Native Bats.   Jean Deitch, chair of the Skidaway Audubon Bat Program, gives us an update on the nesting boxes that have been installed on the golf courses. Find out which ones are active.  

June 26 - Recognition of Skidaway Island Citizen Scientists

Please come join the Friends of Skidaway Audubon on June 26 at 6:30 in the Lutheran Church to honor three outstanding residents, Fitz Clarke, Pat Wolters, and Russ Wigh, who devote their time, expertise and energy to preserve, educate and enhance our natural world!

May 25 Native Plant Sale at HarborFest

On May 25, Thompson Gardens will be representing the Skidaway Audubon with a Native Plant Sale at the TLA sponsored HarborFest at the Landings Harbor Marina

May 5 – Gardening for Wildlife by David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation

On May 5th, Friends of Skidaway Audubon and the Landings Garden Club will be hosting a presentation by David Mizejewski from The National Wildlife Federation.

April 20  Create your own Seed Balls – Picnic in the Park

To celebrate Earth Day,  The Friends of Skidaway Audubon have an area at Picnic in the Park sponsored by the TLA where the  kids can make Seed Balls to attract Butterflies and Birds to their own pollinator garden.  Just throw the seed ball in your garden and watch the flowers grow, then watch the butterflies show up

March  28 – Wildlife on Skidaway Island by Sean Burgess

Sean Burgess, the Environmental Manager for TLA presented an interesting evening discussion about the wildlife that inhabits our island.  No one knows this island or its four-legged inhabitants better than Sean! 

February 21 – Birds of Skidaway Island by Russ Wigh

 Noted Ornithological Photographer and expert on Hummingbirds, Mr. Russ Wigh  spoke to us on all aspects of birds found on Skidaway Island. His beautiful photos captivate and awe. 

January 12 –World of Raptors by Center for Wildlife Education  from Georgia Southern University

The Center for Wildlife Education  from Georgia Southern University (GSU) was at the TLA Athletic Field on January 12 with some of their magnificent Birds of Prey