Water Conservation

Skidaway Audubon has taken a leadership role in providing information to residents on water conservation. In conjunction with The Landings Association and The Landings Club and Utilities Inc., We sponsored community panel discussions in 2010, 2012 and one coming soon in 2019 on saltwater intrusion in the Floridian Aquifer, our only source of potable water. 

Informational materials about odd/even days for watering, the importance of meeting permitted withdrawal levels required by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and how to conserve water with native planting are part of all new resident packets.

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The Skidaway Audubon has begun the process of installing several additional weather stations at the Landings Harbor Marina, Delegal Marina and Dog Park 

Save Water

Water Like a Pro

You can decide whether or not to run your irrigation with the same information our golf course maintenance professionals us3e when deciding to water the courses

Access to determine whether or not to irrigate

  • Go to 
  • Under Weather Stations on the left side of the home page select Skidaway
  • go to Yesterday's Conditions.
  • Look down the list for Evapotranspiration data

If the value is below .10, reduce irrigation or consider not irrigating.

If the value is above .12, irrigate appropriately for the season and in accordance with DNR restrictions.

Evapotranspiration (ET) is a term to describe the amount of water transferred from the soil into the atmosphere through the combined processes of Evaporation (water lost due to normal evaporation from the soil) and Transpiration (the process of water being lost from the plant, similar in human terms to sweating.)

The weather station on Magnolia #1 sends data to

The weather station on Magnolia #1 sends data to

Personal Weather stations

Find your nearest Weather Station

The following is a list of weather stations on Skidaway Island that is transmitting data to the Weather Underground

*Skidaway Farms - KGASAVAN127

Deer Creek Marsh - KGASAVAN120

Deer Creek 2nd Hole - KGASAVAN119

*Dog Park - KGASAVAN174

Oakridge - KGASAVAN108

Skidaway Island - KGASAVAN109

**Black Hawk Trail - KGASAVAN126

Plantation - KGASAVAN136

* Provided by Skidaway Audubon

** Private ownership