The Bottle Brigade

The Bottle Brigade - A Daily Function of Skidaway Audubon

Skidaway Audubon and its members are committed to environmental sustainability in every area in which it is associated on Skidaway Island.

One of these environmental functions is the volunteer operation of the Bottle Brigade, given its name and logo for the important but somewhat unappealing task of picking up and disposing of litter that is found on the roads, paths and common areas within The Landings and on the remainder of Skidaway Island.

The Bottle Brigade was formed in 1988. Originally it was a sub-committee of The Landings Association. As Skidaway Audubon expanded its sphere of influence on the island, the Bottle Brigade was transferred from The Landings Association to Skidaway Audubon. Our organization¸ however, continues to work closely with the Security and Public Works Departments of the Association and with Bright View, the outside contractor that performs public works maintenance on the island.

Currently, there are 45 volunteers, plus we depend on other Landings residents who help us with our work that are not members. Each of our members has a pre-assigned route to patrol. Each member’s task is to remove litter within the assigned territory once per week or as needed. We pick up litter up to 15 feet from a road or path, paying particular attention to vacant lots and edges of lagoons. We consider discarded cigarettes and cigars as litter. For those roads more heavily trafficked, more than one member is assigned. Volunteers can walk, ride a bicycle or use a golf cart.  

We recycle all of the items that we pick up that we can, using the Chatham County facility on Eisenhower for recyclable plastic, cardboard, aluminum cans, steel and copper. Glass bottles can be taken to Hunter Army Air Force base or Target at Savannah Mall. For trash that cannot be recycled, the Landings Club allows us to use their dumpsters, if so desired.

Occasionally we return items of value to their owners.  Where does the litter come from? Sources of litter are contractor trucks, golf carts of residents, teenagers partying, drivers and passengers throwing litter from windows, dog walkers, and circulars from mailboxes or tubes. Probably 97% of residents and contractors do not litter, it is the other 3% that causes the problem.

Many of our volunteers have served 15 or more years, and we have sustained a net loss of membership of about 30% during that period of time. While we have benefited from new committed volunteers (3 joined in 2019) we need more help from newer (younger) residents who are looking for a means to help keep our beautiful island that way.

If you are interested, please contact Chairman Caryl Warner (912) 598-7568 or e-mail him at to join an available route near your home that needs your help.