Bat House


Here is a list of the bat house locations and how to get there, please remember that all bat houses are on golf courses and not all holes have public access:

Plantation Golf Course hole #3: This bat house sits between the Plantation tee box and the western marsh. This is not a public path.  It is at the opposite end of this hole from the turtle box. The nearest cross street is Yam Gandy South and Landings Way.

Palmetto Golf Course hole #3: This bat house is between the Tournament tee box and the lagoon. It is not on a public path. This box sits between Plantation and Midpoint. 

Oakridge Golf Course hole #9: This bat house is behind the Pro Shop between the public path and the lagoon.  

Oakridge Golf Course hole #7: This bat house is near the lagoon at the green end of this hole. The closest cross street is Westcross Road and Long Island Road.  

Magnolia Golf Course hole #18: This bat house is tucked into a cross of public and golf only paths. The bat house sits next to the lagoon and near the Bluebird box. It can be reach by either using the public path from Ramshorn Court (off Willeford Drive, off Bartram) or from Rebecca Lane (off Wiley Bottom Road North Circle off Landings Way North).

Deer Creek hole #1: This bat house is located between the public path (from Shellwind Drive and the Deer Creek Club House) and the lagoon. There is signage at the base of this pole. 

Bat Species in Georgia

Georgia is home to  16 different Species of Bats

What you need for a Bat House

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