Skidaway Audubon Golf Tournament

Funds raised in previous years total more than $200,000 and have been reinvested in the community, enhancing and conserving our natural environment. All six Landing’s Club golf courses have been certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries since 2002, and are recertified every two years. 

Projects initiated /supported thoughout the years include: Skidaway Farms, Recycling Center, Tallow Terrors, Terrapin Turtle Rescue, Bluebird Trail, Sparrow Field Wildlife Conservation Area, Water Conservation Education, Bottle Brigade and, in 2013 the launch of the recycling at The Landings Club. Skidaway Audubon is grateful for the support of players, donors, and hole sponsors, as well as those who buy raffle tickets.

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This fundraiser, along with ongoing contributions, will help Skidaway Audubon continue its efforts dedicated to conserving and enhancing the natural resources and environment on our island. We hope to see everyone at next year’s tournament!


The Landings Company

Soundview Financial Services


Bartlett Tree Experts 

Joe Conley Plumbing 

Coastal Dentistry/ Dr.Matt Grill 

J.D.Turner – Turner Golf Group 

John Hodges Construction 

Diamond Carpet & Textile Services

Meyers & Sayers. LLP 

Michaels Roofing 

Yates Astro

Carolyn McInerney TLCo 

Peggy Utley TLCo


Gary Boyd TLCo 

William Boyd TLCo

Suzanne Lin TLCo


Brannen Construction 

CertaPro Painters 

Critter Control 

Matthew Johns Construction LLC

McClain’s Shallow Wells

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum 

All-Green Lawns 

Fox & Weeks Funeral Services

Meridth Lamas – State Farm 

Rubnitz Thompson and Ziblut

Whelan Furniture 

Wild Birds Unlimited

Village Walk Pharmacy 

J.C. Lewis Ford 

Liberty Auctions


Rick Bartlett 

Alan Blevins 

Jill Brooks 

Ginna Carroll 

Susan Connelly 

John Evans

Pat Ewaldsen 

Skylar Frazier 

Eileen Galves
Liz Giddens

Stephanie Giorgio 

Ashley Gold

Judy Green 

Katie Hart
David Helmreich

Bob Jennings
Marty Johnson 

George Jorgenson 

Mary Beth McInerney

Christy Moore 

Gus Moore 

Linda Novack

Candice Parsons 

Randy Parsons

Steve Polsinelli 

Wendy Reed 

Georgine Scott

Gail Toler
Russ Toler 

Scott Helmreich


Betsy & Paul Bratz
Diamondback Terrapin Rescue Team 

John Duren
Nancy McGirr & David Goslin

Margy & Randy Hatch 

Rhea & Dick Myers

Mal Welch & Bill Costa


Diane Gannon, Nature Photography 

Carolyn & Jim McInerney

Louise & Tom Wagner 

Bill & Chris Aiken Sickles


Judy & Tom Balducci
Friends of Skidaway Audubon 

Carolyn & Bob Ernest
Judy Hinrichs
Marianne & John Kosiewicz

Walter O’Leary

Mike & Gloria McGough 

Nancy & Carlton Sheets 

Betsy & Chuck Smith 

Peggy & Michael Towson 

Carol & Caryl Warner 

Paige & George Word



Lynn Harrington 

Robert Farr

Carolyn McInerney

Kaye & Tom Osborn 

Anthony Costrini, M.D.