Adopt a Nest Box

Adopt a Nest Box today and give a helping hand to our songbirds! It is a wonderful way to support and learn about wildlife, provide safe nesting sites for our amazing songbirds, and support contributions to research. It is perfect as a gift for holidays, birthdays, or ideal as a treat for yourself.

The Dave Scott Bird Trail is a project of Skidaway Audubon that provides nest boxes for our songbirds (Eastern Bluebirds, CarolinaChickadees, Tufted Titmice and Brown-headed Nuthatches). Other birds such as Downy Woodpeckers, also use the nest boxes to seekshelter in the fall and winter months. Nest boxes cost money to build, maintain and replace over the years of use. By adopting a nest box, you will directly help our special songbirds. 

Adopt a Nest Box nest boxes are inspected annually to determine what maintenance will be needed to start the nesting season. In addition, during the nesting season, specially trained monitors record nesting activities. This monitoring allows us to gather data on the number of nests, eggs, and nestlings, as well as how many of the nestlings fledge. By monitoring regularly, and year to year, adverse changes in breeding success can be spotted before population declines become obvious.

All the data collected from the Trail will be entered into Cornell University’s NestWatch and records from our Adopt a Nest Box boxes will make an impact for the various species of songbirds who seek our nest boxes for raising their young.

Your charitable donation of $30 includes:

  • a personalized letter of appreciation
  • an end of the season update about the birds that you are helping
  • two informative fact sheets
  • a $5 off $25 on a purchase at Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. (Savannah, GA location)

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